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  1. I worked in magazine publishing for years and I can vouch that it's a business in upheaval. There aren't many relevant magazines left. We still want great content but we've been trained that it should be free.
  2. Our previous trailer was a little teardrop with a single marine battery. In the winter the battery just went into the basement on a trickle charger. We're--sadly--starting to think of our first winterization with the Oliver and aren't sure how to maintain a deep-cycle AGM--let alone 4 of them. The Oliver will be indoors without heat or electric. What's best for the batteries? Thank you!
  3. Thanks for weighing in, everyone. No solutions yet--we're plugged-in and fuses are fine. Not sure about manual override. We have curb side and street side awnings and the SS works just fine. I think we'll just broil until sundown and call Oliver on Monday.
  4. Looking for ideas about a dead awning. The remote operates the awning lights as expected but the awning won't extend. It's silent--no motor. Tried troubleshooting reset from the manual (kind of, it's a different remote than diagrammed in the manual). Looking for ideas to try. Thanks! 2020 E2, Hull 611
  5. Fits like it's made to order. Random coincidence: we have the same countertop and the same towel.
  6. We also wavered but got it on the Oliver we took delivery of in May. Our second time out the pedestal was on the wrong side of the trailer so it was handy. I can't say I recall that happening before, though.
  7. Those are handsome--a good choice. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're camping again soon!
  8. Oh, the time I've invested click-click-clicking on a campground map trying to divine the best site. The ones that are clearly superior are usually reserved so I'm left guessing which sites are less inferior. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes...meh. But even some "meh" sites have become base camp for some very fun weekends. And some gorgeous sites have been wasted on a weekend of stormy weather. Camping, right? https://www.campsitephotos.com/ is a super-helpful site if it happens to feature the park I'm looking at, but it usually doesn't have photos of the smaller state and county parks we usually camp at. So I guess it's back to, "Let's see--#18 has a little extra frontage...but how close is that pit toilet? Hmm, #43 might work...eh, it backs up to the parking lot. I suppose #26 looks pretty decent...no, wait...it might be right in the footpath to the shower house..."
  9. Hello: We're on a similar path--we've loved our T@B 320 for five camping seasons now and have made wonderful T@B friends. It's been the perfect camper for us. When it came time to choose a retirement trailer with a little more elbow room for longer trips, we sure didn't find many that lived up to NuCamp quality. We crossed paths with a brand new Oliver while camping at Falls Creek Falls last fall and booked a factory tour before we returned to the Midwest. We pick our Oliver up in two months and we're happy to report that our T@B group will let us tag along!
  10. We've ordered our LE-II for Spring pickup and will spend the long Midwestern winter planning. We opted for the standard floor plan and we'll trade out the bed for the dinette each morning as we do with our current trailer. Those of you who set up your table, where do you store the bedding in the daytime? Pillows, duvet, sheets and a blanket take up a lot of space! Thank you!
  11. We just faced that very decision between a 23-foot Globetrotter and an Oliver. We've loved our great little T@B for several years but have long-planned to order a roomier Airstream for retirement travel. But we just couldn't seem to bring ourselves to place the order. We were camping in Tennessee recently when we came across an Oliver on it's maiden voyage, then we made a detour to Hohenwald for the tour. On the way back to the Midwest the next day, we made it a point to swing by a large Airstream dealer to look at comparable Globetrotter and Caravel models while the Oliver experience was fresh. Sure, there were a few features we preferred with AS (mostly layout-related, maybe a few decor options) but the Oliver really stood out for it's fit, finish, and overall quality, especially against the Caravel. While Airstream advertises high MSRP, the prices dealers offered us were virtually the same as Oliver. We got home, gave it a day, and ordered our Oliver. It was a simple decision once we found the right trailer--or rather, the right trailer found us!
  12. I don't know how many emitters are installed but T@B has a robust community forum on the NuCamp site and there are many, many threads and links about Alde. Tons of information.
  13. We have had a T@B for five seasons (made now by NuCamp) and recently ordered an Ollie because we want a little more room for seasonal travel. The T@B has the Alde systen for hot water and radiant heat. There was a bit of a learning curve (the controls have since been modified) but the quality is wonderful and the unit is quick to heat and completely silent. The radiant heat is very comfortable. It is possibly the only system we wish we could take with us to the Ollie.
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