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Window Screen Removal

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Do this from the inside. Remove shades. Slide screen to middle of window frame. Grasp lower left and lower right corners of screen frame. Lift the lower corners at the same time so that the bottom of the screen frame clears the track. Pivot the lower edge of the screen frame towards you and drop the top edge of the screen frame out of the top track. 

The rear screen is different. It has 2 clips on the bottom and 2 clips on the top. If trailer is not on fire, gently pull on the bottom frame until clips release then the top of the frame will fall free. The rear screen does not fit in a track so note the positions of the clips before removing the screen. 

If trailer is on fire, grab the red trapezoidal shaped tab, yank the screen out, fling it to the side, then dive head first out the window.

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BLUSH!!! I knew the frame needed to come out, but for some reason the screen didn’t want to move (there was a lot of sand and dust from our DVNP dust storm), but a few gentle taps with a ball peen hammer freed it up.  The glass is even still intact.

Thank you!

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