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Ouachita National Forest


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We are planning our first trip with the new Oliver sometime in the last half of March. This will be our "shakedown trip" before we head out to the Grand Canyon in April. We kind of picked somewhere in Arkansas hoping it will be a little warmer in March then up here in KC. It will just be a short trip, probably Thur to Sun.


Larry, feel free to chime in, I'm sure you have some good suggestions. I seem to remember you writing about a neat place you camped in that area, I think, but can't find the write up.


I don't have measles, but this camping fever is getting out of hand, time to hit the road.



Stan and Carol

Blacksburg, VA

2014 Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi

2014 Legacy Elite II Standard  Hull 63

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Stan its been many years since visiting and camping there but I found the Buffalo National scenic River to be ideal. Think I got that title right. Its part of the national park system. Beautiful river and some nice camp areas too as well as further north into the MO portion of the Ozarks. Can't be more specific, its been awhile and was tent camping at the time, but do remember RV's in the area also. But from what I remember its definitely worth looking into.


Hope this helps.

Legacy Elite II #70

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Hey there Stan ! Do you have Boondocking or full hookups in mind ?

Our Winter tour will likely be over by then and we hope to be Boondocking and Jug fishing on Lake Ouachita by then. We will have our support trailer with us that can service black water and fresh water because we will be on a extended stay. We will be out on a point between two rivers with plenty of sunshine and generator back up. It is pretty much a straight shot down US Hwy 71 from KC MO. Call 479.243.5450 to chat it up if you like.

Here is a quick 30 second look at the primitive campground:


I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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