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Durango Man Enough?


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Looking at possible tow vehicles for the Elite II, it comes down to two:


Ram 1500 truck with V8 hemi, can tow over 10,000 lbs, can get rear axle ratio up to 3.92, lots of hp and torque, so yeah, it's man enough. But I'd rather have an SUV over a pickup for several reasons.


Dodge Durango, properly configured with V8 hemi, rear axle ratio of 3.45, 360 each hp and torque, can tow 7,400 lbs. Is it man enough? I want some reserve for that someday cross country trek that will likely involve mountains.


I've read and read some more about trailer and towing weights and I'm still not sure which numbers one should focus on. I know the truck will gitterdone, but will the Durango?



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Wow this is always which came first the chicken or the egg everyone has an opinion. My opinion is from towing a casita to now the 23 ft oliver the truck with 4 doors and a 6.5 ft bed. I have a Ford F150 with the 5.0 and yes it does the job but I pass no one on long steep climbs but love the truck. The reasons the back of the cab leaves lots of room to carry personal items food, etc, the bed of the truck I have found a topper to be of great value and doors on the sides for easier access of items and the reason for the 6.5 bed as mine is the 5.5 bed and a friend we travel with has the bigger bed and it carries much more such as a generator and the new Clam Shell if you have seen one is over 6 ft long it really makes a difference. We do travel long distances and something to think of is the gas tank again I have the 34 gal and my buddy has the reg 25 gal and he has to always stop for gas when I am only getting to a half tank this makes sense on such trips as Montana, Wyoming, Dakotas, The Alcan to Alaska, etc. Thanks Gary

Gary & Jona

2016 Silverado 2500 Diesel

Legacy Elite II Hull 81 



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Thanks for your input. I understand what you've said and agree that a truck might be the better tow for several reasons. But this vehicle will be our only one, and the vast majority of the time it will be used for other purposes. And the vast majority of the time when we do tow it will be east of the Mississippi.


I would still like to know if you experienced folks think the Durango as described above would do the job with a little reserve. If it won't, then we will definitely get a truck. If it will, then we have to decide between the two.

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Just saw this thread. Stan and Carol Moyer have a Durango and use it to tow an Elite II, they visited us this past summer here in MT on their way up to Glacier NP. I believe Carol said they got 12 mpg regardless of where they were, apparently it didn't change much due to conditions. I don't recall them mentioning anything about issues with this tow vehicle for the Elite II, so I would say you're good to go if dead set on a Durango.


We use a 2013 F-150 with Eco Boost engine and it does great even on steep slopes/grades outperforming any non diesel V8 I've ever driven. Back in Oct we were down in the Four Corners area and averaged 14.5 MPG for the entire trip. There are lots of steeps grades between MT and the area as well as upon arrival, and some travel unhitched and not towing. Generally at 60-65 mpg we tend to get approximately 13-14 mpg towing our Elite II, unless we hit heavy winds or constant steep grades. I love trucks for their versatility but realize they are not for everyone. The 2015-16's newer model Ford trucks took it up a few more notches in overall design, comfort, support and performance and better gas milage to boot. This truck is our only vehicle currently, but we live in an area where we can walk or ride bikes to do the vast majority of any errands we need. Typically while at home a tank of gas will last a month to a month and a half bare minimum and often two months. Like Gary we have the larger gas tank, well worth it.


FWIW in the conversation our daughter and son in law have a RAM 1500 with 5.7 Hemi, but just recently bought an Expedition with Eco Boost engine too. They looked at the Durango but felt it was not large enough for their needs and preferred the Expedition over the Suburban by some margin. To early to tell about their MPG, but it is a very nice rig with some accommodations the trucks do not have. Not sure if they implemented the aluminum bodies on this vehicle yet.


Hope this helps.

Legacy Elite II #70

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