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LP Gas Alarm

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My LP Gas Alarm is going off (LOUD sound) and the light is blinking red/green. The gas tanks are both turned off so no gas leaks and no smell. The alarm box is located next to the breaker box on the inside seat portion dining area. I have removed the two screws that are holding the small box in place. A red and a black wire goes from the box into the wiring harness. I cannot find where to replace any batteries. There is a back to this box but try as I may, I may very well break it trying to prize the back off.

There is no documentation on this alarm. I am not concerned that I have a leak, triple checked this. Unfortunately, This alarm works all too well. All systems electrical are not working. I guess a fail safe method. Any suggestions on how to get back on line??

THANKS in advance for any helpful suggestions.

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Thanks for your kind reply.

My sensor does not appear to be the same as the brochure. However, they are probably functionally the same. So,I disconnected Ollie from the shore power, disconnected the negative side of the battery(s) and then making sure my gas tanks were in the off position, I disconnected the tanks from each gas line. Before I started turning power back on, I looked at my electrical panel. The far right breakers were in an off position (strange ??)

I turned the shore power back on, reconnected the gas lines and flipped the two breakers to an on position.

It appears as though all of this resetting was effective. The alarm is peacefully quiet.

Postscript - This alarm is LOUD- It will wake up neighboring communities!! You need a set of ear plugs to reset it or you will go deaf

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