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Help in identifying POISON OAK, POISON IVY, ECT.

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Nothing can destroy a camping trip quicker than a red, oozing, itchy rash, from contact with vegetation. Many years ago, deep in the Arkansas outback of America's heartland, I was taught this axiom to help with identification. Maybe it will be helpful to others on these forums.


"Leaves of three, let it be”

"Longer Middle Stem, Don't Touch Them"

“Berries white, run in fright”

“Hairy vine, no friend of mine”


Author unknown

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Thanks for the wise old sayings.


Debbie & I were hiking in NC when I happened to look back. There was a snake with red, yellow, and black bands where she was going to step. Stopped her in her tracks.


Remembered the old saying:


"Red touches Yellow kills a fellow". Coral Snake


This snake had red bands touching black bands. "Red touches Black, friend of Jack".  We saw the non poisonous Kingsnake.


Here's an informative link since the old snake sayings do not always hold true, depends on where you're hiking:







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