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Dexter axle/spring upgrade


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After viewing different topics and comments in the forums, we have a question. We have ordered an Oliver II with the Dexter axle/spring upgrade. The question is do they actually grease the fittings/bolts or do they just install the units? Should I plan on bringing a grease gun to the pick up? I know I can call and ask, but sometimes the actual results appear to be a slightly different reality.

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Reason we asked is while at the factory we had watched a frame unit that had evidently just come off the jig. It had the Dexter unit on it. There was no evidence of greese on any of the fittings. Either they had been wiped clean or greece had not been applied yet. I watched for, but never saw a grease gun at any of the stations.

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People with more mechanical experience than me may already know this, but I learned the hard way. When you use a grease gun to grease all of the zerks--and there are a lot of them (number and location covered in other posts--Buzzy's, I think), you'll have a lot of trouble unless you use the rear jacks to raise the tires off the ground. This relieves the pressure and allows you to attach and detach the grease gun to the zerks much easier and makes the process of getting the grease into the fittings much easier.

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Thanks for the info, will get some 'red' grease on board. As a matter of fact maybe I ought to start a tool box with dedicated tools and sockets that fit the nuts, bolts, wheels, and screws of the Oliver.


Question: what about the end of the spring away from the Dexter? Surely that end gets the same type of wear and stress?

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