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New Awning Colors


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Fiamma has introduced a couple of new colors for 2017 that new buyers might want to consider.  I don't know if these awnings are in the US yet, so you might have to wait a bit to get them.  And they'd have to be a special request from Oliver at least until they update their catalog - I haven't heard back from Jason on that yet.  For us it would be worth the wait since I don't really like the current choices, even if it means I have to go back to Oliver to have them installed (pays to live close to the mothership).  The two new colors are Royal Grey and Royal Blue, which are roughly the same shade as the existing grey and blue, but are more solid and eliminate the wavy pattern.  They also have a Pearl Grey, which is a true solid grey, but that's only available in smaller sizes.


We've asked to get our awning cases in silver instead of white, btw.  I think having some silver at the top to tie in with the trim and bumpers would be a nice touch.  And I'm hoping that it will make the solar panels not stand out so much.  We'll see.  I don't think it will look awful, at least.


Here are some shots of the Royal Grey...





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LOL, I try not to bother Jason too much.  He did spend an hour on the phone the other evening with me after work, and I felt really guilty about that even though it was his offer to do so.  I'm a designer so it's second nature for me to question every detail and always ask what if.  So while I don't mind giving them a difficult project, I try not to add my being a difficult customer on top of that.  At least I like to pretend those are two distinct things.  I tell them that I have to ask, but if they tell me no, I promise to only be disappointed and not mad.  Perhaps perplexed at times, but not mad.


But yes, I would redesign the entire thing for them if they asked.  For some reason, they haven't asked.

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You must have Jason’s number on speed dial. ? Buzzy


Now that's funny, right there :) 

Happy Camping,


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I too like the new fabrics. Our fabric will be replaced this year or next. Nice to see new choices.





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