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Troubles Washing Ollie


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It seems that every time I give my Ollie a wash,  I get water in the interior. Since I'm not inside to see at the time, it's hard to tell where it's coming in. All vents and windows are closed! So, are there certain areas I should be careful around? Like the A/C, or Refr. vents, or....? Maybe the BT/GT vent on top, or even the fan(s)?


In the past, I have had water come through the LED lights in the bathroom, and around the speaker over the dinette just next to the bathroom wall. Today, after a mid winter wash, I had a puddle on the floor under the main table (trailer was pitched front up slightly) and water was dripping out of the rear passenger side seep under the trailer. There were no signs of any drips from above.... This only happens when I wash. It has never leaked in all the heavy rains we have had here. Kind of a mystery to me. I would appreciate any tips or advice. Here in the Northwest, if I don't wash fairly regularly, my trailer will turn green! Someday, I'll have covered storage, but for now it sits outside. Next time, I'll have my wife sit in there when I wash and maybe she'll see something.



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I'm sure you know this, but will say it anyway. We keep the drain channels clear on the bottom of the windows so water can drain freely out of the window drains. If they are clogged, water can come in at the bottom of the window.


We had an exterior LED running light over the rear window to leak, allowing water to come in around the rear window and leak out of the bottom of the window.


Also had the exterior LED porch type light fixture to allow water to get into the Ollie through a wire or screw hole in the fiberglass for the LED light allowing water to come in at the top of the dinette window. New Ollies do not have this style of fixture.


In both cases stopped the leaks temporarily before making permanent repairs. The exterior LED running light over the rear window, put clear silicone on and around this light stopping the leak until a permanent repair was made. Used white electrical tape around the exterior LED light fixture where it contacts the exterior shell over the dinette.


During our last trip to Oliver TT, they replaced the rear running light LED and removed/resealed the exterior LED light over the dinette.  We had up to 4" of rain over a two day period since the repair and everything is dry in the Ollie.


Hope this helps,

Bill #75 LE2 Tundra


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The fact that you see it coming through high points on the inside indicate that the intrusion must be somewhere above that. The fact that it only shows up when you wash it and not from rain, I will assume it's been in a strong enough rain to count.


This all leads to either the force or direction of the water being the culprit. Being that you probably stand on the ground for most of the wash, I might first be inclined to guess direction and also look towards the Omni antenna as my first guess.


Another is the foam seal in the bathroom vent, there is a drain hole in the housing and you could be directing the water right into it without knowing it.


Those are my guesses, keep us updated.


One Life Live It Enjoyably

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