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Google translate on your phone, offline

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Personally, I've had a few emergencies in places where the major language isn't English, Spanish, or other languages I have studied. Like our blowout in French speaking rural Quebec.


We're getting ready for a long trip, and most of our friends traveling with us  only speak English. I was so happy to find that Google translate now works offline. I tested it in a couple languages that I read, and it's decent.


I'm helping all our friends traveling with us download it, free, and set their phones up to use it. Without data or wifi. Speech to text, or text to text.. Also, I can hold my android phone over a document, and I see an immediate approximate translation.


This can be a huge help, when you have no wifi, and don't know the local language.


If you are thinking about traveling to French speaking provinces, or Mexico, and don't speak the language I would definitely look at it.


And, did I mention, it's a free app?





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I didn't realize it would do the print/photo translation, I'll have to try that. Going to Quebec this weekend.


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