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Logout? Logged in?


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How do you really know if you are logged out? You log out and look at the bottom (avator) and it shows you are still logged in. Log out and go back a page and it shows you are still logged in.

On my device the posted times (clocks) don't seem to mesh from the post to the topic page.

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The times are always screwy, they change whether you are logged in or not. Also the names at the bottom, yesterday there were two names on the page, I logged in and those two names disappeared, it showed 7 other users logged in more recently and one other active besides me, all this in a one minute time span.


The reasoning is always the cache, either on your phone, on their server, out somewhere in between depending upon the path your provider and the host server uses to communicate.


I've always found, so far, that clicking the lock icon in the side bar has always been correct about my logged in status. That and whether the box appears at the bottom of the screen to post a reply.

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Works for me to look at the top menu bar.  If I am logged out, it will read "login".  If I am in, it reads "logout".  I have had my status change back and forth while I am on the site though...not sure what is up with that.

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