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How many 100 w flexible Zamp solar panel ?


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Can anyone tell me the dimension between the awning and the break in the (smooth to sharper curve)


How many 100 watt flexible Zamp solar panels can you fit on the top of an Elite 2 ?


where would you put them ?


Can't get dimensions from Oliver and the members of this forum are clever and creative.




T-Oliver hull 254

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I don't have the exact dimensions, but I did some layouts for our system that you can find here.  If I had to guess, I'd say that there's about 12"-15" on each side between the awning and the raised roof.  And the raised roof itself is probably 34" or so.  The Penguin AC unit is 29" wide so you can guesstimate from that.  Anyway, the Zamp 100's are 21.5" wide so that leaves you not enough room between the awning and raised roof for anything, and only enough room on the raised roof for panels running lengthways, netting you only 2 panels running down the middle between the Maxx Fan and the bathroom vent.   To get more than that you'd have to build a platform which would have to be pretty thin and lightweight to give any advantage over rigid panels.  But if you did, then I'd think that you could easily go 3 wide and remain between the awnings, so 6 panels total.

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I was thinking thin fibeglass panel set off the top.

Thermal break and also hide MC4 wiring.

Polished stainless would be fun as well.

Even priced out some MC4 tools.

Just trying for more power and encountering the limits of reality.

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Kimberley does what they call a 'tropical roof' which is essentially what you're talking about. They add a layer of insulation under the fiberglass. It's not a terrible idea and something Oliver could do with their fiberglass experience. It would certainly put them a step ahead in both function and aesthetics.


I question whether the flexible panels are really there yet though. I've read about too many problems with failing panels over time.

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500W should be easy with standard Zamp panels. If you're going with lithium, check out Dragonfly batteries. They are unique in that they have the BMS built directly into each battery. Because of that they aren't the cheapest LiFePo on the market (mine were $400 more in total than the cheapest I could find), but once you factor in getting an external BMS they are about the same if not cheaper. The advantage is that you can use them with Oliver's standard charger and solar charge controller right out of the box. The disadvantage is that because of the built in BMS they aren't nearly as compact as other LiFePo batteries. They're a little longer in fact than the T-105s which means that you'd have to mount them on end if you want to use Oliver's battery tray. No big deal, but it also limits you to 400Ah if you use the tray since that's all that will fit. Other LiFePo batteries will allow you to get 600Ah in there. But even at 400Ah you've added at least 120 useable amp hours and have shed 160 lbs.

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