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  1. Rhino Clear 5 inch inline 10 foot hose clear 90 degree adapter with Addison also 10 foot I never disconnect the short auxiliary hose, just cap it (stole idea from K Lukens)
  2. Just arrived Amazing what can come from a dialogue with Foy Sperring
  3. Hull 254 I removed the access ports and retensioned the push-on connectors No loose wires t The interior courtesy lights have a second switch location like Overland Here's hoping the solution has been found Thanks to all
  4. Just the 2-way switches(Main cabin and Inside courtesy) 120 v I don’t believe power source has any relationship The switches act like poor contact A puzzle indeed
  5. Anyone else have the 2-way switches behave btadly. The lites don't always turn on, sometimes flicker, are dim and otherwise annoying. advise or solutions welcome. T-Oliver
  6. 15.5 new snow Glad trailer still in storage.
  7. It's the macerater Oliver installed. Modified a bit. This is where it all began.
  8. Was visiting the trailer today , waiting for parts to finish.
  9. Blue sky solar numbers acting crazy Ryan fixed this for me Remove the four screws on the remote panel Pull it from wall Look for one of the wires from the shunt being loose T-Oliver 254
  10. Just attached to pump with supplied coupling and looped hose under and around.
  11. My version of Disk Brake Porn Dexter D52 axles Nev-R-Lube bearings 12 inch 4 piston disk brakes
  12. <p style="text-align: left;">My version of someone's idea</p> Helps win disagreements
  13. You might find this product useful, not as much fun as safety wire or tie wraps Vibra-tite VC-3 threadmate Adjustable and reuseable
  14. Think half a queen bed.
  15. A couple of Kyocera 270 watt would be grand, Jason didn't seem enthused. Had to give up the telly and such. Looking for 500 watt, then I would have to come up with at least 400 watt LiFePO4
  16. I was thinking thin fibeglass panel set off the top. Thermal break and also hide MC4 wiring. Polished stainless would be fun as well. Even priced out some MC4 tools. Just trying for more power and encountering the limits of reality.
  17. Can anyone tell me the dimension between the awning and the break in the (smooth to sharper curve) How many 100 watt flexible Zamp solar panels can you fit on the top of an Elite 2 ? where would you put them ? Can't get dimensions from Oliver and the members of this forum are clever and creative. Thanks T-Oliver hull 254
  18. Elegant solution Mine is 2 weeks into production, we will see what we get.
  19. Shopping for a grill. Seeking input and the voice of experience.
  20. While I am waiting ti finish ordering. Any thoughts ?
  21. Finalizing the details of the build with Heather. Atwood furnance (+$350) Suburban furnance (Std.) Is one better ?
  22. 20 l / 5gal Scepter CARB compliant cans at COSTCO $13.99
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