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Do you have an F150 with Adaptive Cruise?


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I read on an F150 forum that there is a note in the owners manual warning that the Adaptive Cruise Control on the F150 does not control the trailer brakes and that you should never use it when towing.  That's one of those warning boxes that I could have easily missed had it not been pointed out to me.  With some research, however, I discovered that Ford changed the warning in the 2nd Edition of the 2017 Owners Manual to state that Adaptive Cruise does not work with aftermarket brake controllers; i.e., you're fine using the built in controller.


What I don't know of course is if it was an ongoing mistake in the manual that they finally corrected in 2017, or if they actually updated the system in 2017.  Regardless, it's something worth being aware of if you have a 2015 or 2016 F150 (I think they added adaptive cruise in 2015), particularly if you're like me and tend to skim past all those warning boxes, lol.  It seems like something that you could use all the time without realizing the danger.

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Thanks for the info. I have a 2013 F150 that does not have the adaptive cruise, but we do have it on our newly acquired 17 Outback Limited and love it. Its a great safety device and would be a fabulous addition to the F150 while towing seemingly. Have thought often about upgrading just can't really justify it especially given that ours is paid for. Good info.

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