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Surge protector


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The 2018 units evidently will have them built in. We elected to go with a portable unit. We plug into the pedestal. If everything indicates ok we plug in our unit, no need to go inside and get a reading (an optional feature). We have had ours not pass power to the trailer because of an open ground. I know others have it shut down the power when the power grid had low voltage during a heat wave. Strange things happen in campground electrical systems, especially older ones. We went with the Progressive unit, because we know a full timer that has had to have his replaced twice, under full lifetime warranty...no hassle. I would recommend that you use a cable locking system that will lock it to the pedestal and power cord. The scrolling lights and copper in the cords evidently entice some folks to want to "borrow" them. We use pistol locks, but am sure some bike locks have longer and thin enough cables. If you have a 30 amp unit, you only need a 30 amp box. Good luck, seems like there are a lot of choices out there, but I guess that just definitely shows a true need...? Some are quite pricey, but I bet they are cheaper than a new solar controller panel or new fuse panel, let alone the diagnosis and labor cost...

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We also decided upon the Progressive: Progressive Industries SSP30X 120V/30A Smart Surge Protector. Ordered it from Amazon after reading several customer reviews, some that compare it to the other brand.

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