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How far from the trailer do you want to be?


I have 2 - 10' Camco extension hoses extra with an 8' lead off of my fire pit.

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You don't need any hose for pickup.  The hose goes from the quick disconnect to an outdoor appliance of your choice.  Once you decide what you want to run, where it should be and where your disconnect is installed, you'll know what length of hose to get.


I run either an outside camp stove or propane fire pit and I have 30' of hose.  My disconnect is in front of the propane bottles.

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I got two 10 foot hoses off Amazon. I usually can set up so I only need to use one for my Q1000 grill, but have used both on occasion. Unless you’re going to grill or run a generator you don’t need anything for pick up. Mike

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