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How difficult is it to communicate effectively with Oliver Service?

John E Davies

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Kayrae51 -


The answer to your question is:


Richie Carroll.


He can be contacted at:  931-306-9232 or rcarroll@olivertraveltrailers.com.



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2023 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing, Max Payload, 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

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The first camper that we purchased in 2013 was an expensive 40-foot diesel pusher that was destroyed when it was about 7 months old when a tractor-trailer rear-ended us at a high rate of speed. Not to mention the name of the manufacturer, but I still think it was made by one of the best motorhome manufacturers with a reputation for great service to its customers. When we took it to the factory for our six-month service work and to have a few items repaired under warranty, we literally had to sit in the first-come-first serve line at their factory for 28 days waiting on service. They did have hookups in a bare bones RV park at their factory. We understood this when we purchased the motorhome, but 28 days sitting at the factory waiting for warranty work is still a long time.


One of our good neighbors and close friends purchased a large and very expensive fifth wheel from a  manufacturer located in Indiana about one year ago. It is our understanding that they have reportedly had a huge number of issues with no resolution in sight and damned little communication.


We have had to have some issues repaired on our OTT when it was under warranty and at times the response was not immediate, but compared to what we have experienced elsewhere and what we have been told by friends and people we have met while traveling, we know that we are spoiled by the service that we've received at OTT.  I will add that when we were in need of quick service while traveling, the Oliver people have gone all out to help us. No, we don't own stock in the OTT company or any vested interest and, although we really like the people in Hohenwald, we are not some of their best friends. We're just thankful customers.













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