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I’m following this thread because I’m a future OTT owner.  We have a May 2019 delivery date scheduled, and I’m hopeful that Oliver has addressed most, if not all, of the common issues by the time of our delivery date.  It’s surprising and disappointing to see significant issues even on recent 2018 units.   And knowing about the past and current issues gives me an idea of things to look at closely during the new owner orientation/ walk through at delivery.   I realize that many of the components used in the Oliver are the general low quality RV industry standard parts like awnings, refrigerator, heater, etc. and every travel trailer manufacturer has issues with those (you should have seen the “things to be fixed” dealer inspection checklist on a Little Guy Max trailer that we looked at!). But I would hope that Oliver at least can fix things in their control like sealing a window frame or their Oliver light to the hull!

2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull #461

Tow Vehicle: 2019 Ford F-250 SuperCab 4x4, 6.2L Flex-Fuel engine  


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I don’t want to dismiss anyone’s current issues, and I think it’s inevitable that there will always be trailers coming off the line with problems; but judging from posts here, the number of problems don’t seem anywhere near what it was like with units in the 200’s.  And prospective owners should know that my trailer in particular was subject to production pressures that don’t apply to current buyers.  In regards to my original post, all those problems were corrected and today my wife and I couldn’t be happier nor more willing to recommend Olivers to others.

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