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Maximizing the Oliver's battery capacity...

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Hi Aubrey,

I bought the Schumaker SE1275A Battery Charger fully automatic with engine start.

After charging the batteries, I put them back in the battery holding area and hooked up the cables - so far so good. I have power again.

The monitor generally reads 12.0 to 12. 1. I think this is the level is should be reading.

I do look forward to eventually getting the AGM batteries. I have a use for the batteries I have in Oliver so they will not be sittiing idly.

Trial and error, forum discussions, internet info, and the pursuit of education to care for everything concerning our Olivers goes on! Thanks for the input. Jam49

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A couple of quick comments that I hope are not repeats, I didn't have time to go through all the posts in the thread:


If your batteries are kept fully charged, they can be taken down to below freezing without damage. The electrolyte of a fully-charged battery has a higher specific gravity and a lower freezing point -- as low as -92F according to Trojan Batteries. When batteries are discharged they are much more likely to be damaged by freezing.


Water maintenance can be reduced significantly by having a good quality charger that floats the battery at the proper voltage (which reduces the amount of water broken up into oxygen and hydrogen), and by using Water Miser battery caps that will precipitate the aerosol produced by the bubbles that form while charging back into the battery. One downside of solar charging for battery maintenance is that many controllers will take the battery up to finishing voltage every (sunny) day which unnecessarily hydrolyzes the water, while an AC charger running continuously will maintain it at float voltage.

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Thanks for the battery info. I have learned a lot as I try to take the very best care of my Oliver as I can.

I think I want to get AGM batteries so I don't have to "water" but I haven't studied the pros and cons yet. I so appreciate the postings. Jam49

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