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River valley egg rally II


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Helo my name is Herschel , I don`t own a Oliver ( A nother brand @#%*## ) that is not my point ,it`s to envite all of you to RVER II . WE had one OLIVER there last year ,we all enjoyed looking This is not a Brand label rally ,it is for any one that ownes a molded fiberglass trailer , or if you wont to come and look , last year we had about 5 different types , About 37 Eggs in all ,the more the better , here is a link to your River Valley Egg Rally , http://www.freewebs.com/rivervalleyeggrally/ .we hope to see you there ! thanks Herschel .

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Thanks, Herschel, and welcome to the forums. Butcherknife and I live just over a hundred miles away, you can look for us to be there. RVER I is where we first viewed an Oliver and started meeting the great folks in the MFGRV world. Please don't be a stranger to these forums. Many of us here can benefit from the experience of "Old Hands" like Chuck and yourself.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Hey there Herschel,


These Rallies are the backbone (along with "ALL" the Fiberglass Forums) that has lead to the developement of the "Eggolution" as we now know it. I encourage RV'ers with all types of TT's or those interested in obtaining a TT to attend these events for several reasons.


1st- It's a great way to meet people that enjoy the carefree life style of going where you want, when you want and share all your experiences with others like...

Have you been to so and so, it's a beautiful drive and you have to check out this "BBQ" joint if your in the area.

If your ever around (fill in the blank) and like to line dance you have to go by...

The best fall colors I've ever seen is on this route during...

Have you ever seen the sunset (or rise) at .....

and much more.


2nd- You can learn from others about all the neat little ideas that can increase the pleasure you get with your own TT and TV. (Regardless of Brand)


3rd- To have some fun and besides, you have to be doing something right? Why not a Rally?


I'm sure this years Rally will be a great success and I encourage everyone that can to attend.

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We plan on bringing the 3 dogs, The Midget, Bobbie and Scottie. But the cat, Bonkers, will guard the house while we are gone. We can't quite figure out yet, where to put 3 dogs and a cat in a 17' fiberglass egg! The 4 get along well...... but.... I just can't visualize it happening in "Ollie'. We are considering renaming from "Ollie" to "Canine Castle" LOL!


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If station wagons are welcome, even without a molded piece of fiberglass tagging along behind, I'd love to go to Arkansas for the rally. I'm putting it on my calendar as soon as I log off. I have a very old and equally beloved dog that I'm hovering over now, so it all depends on how he's doing. But I think it will be great fun! And I'll try very hard to limit the questions--but I'm not promising anything!! ;)



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