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  1. We had given thought to taken door off and leveling so the grey was upright and using an epoxy similiar to Bar Finish like they used to do to old hatch covers to turn into coffee tables....don't know if ya'll old enuff to remember ......but it's clear stuff and you could almost pour it on. Then would be smooth enough for suction cups. A thin waterproof material(like the stuff they use on counter tops) glued on would work also. Would check with a glass/mirror shop to make sure it didn't disolve the silvering on the back of the mirror Regards, Chuck n Geri
  2. My snow crabs legs weren't just good.... they were GREAT! What a wonderful place to visit with a big appetite! We ought to get a bunch of ya'll to meet us at Quail's Rest for a week or so of good camping, good food and maybe even take a manatee tour in the crystal river!!! Anybody interested ??? March ?? April ?? When it's a bit warmer in FL !!
  3. Larry, to answer your question on page one " I saw in the floor plan & pix that your fridge is a Dometic ?", YES! It is Dometic ! We love all the room in it!
  4. Hey Steve n Tali!!! We shud see ya'll up there about the same time! Leaving FL on 24th and pulling the "mothership" gonna'be a lot slower that the Oliver! Looking forward to seeing everybody, shud be blast! Geri n Chuck n the Furkids
  5. HOOOOORRRRAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! The voice of the people was heard!!!!
  6. Great photo, we'll have to try and find it on our way back to NM.
  7. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll be there with bells on and the "mother ship". Whatever you would like us to bring, let us know.........anything for Bettys' catfish! Chuck n Geri n 2 fur kids
  8. Great pix and we love steam trains! This will be a stop for us this season. FYI, the RR Museum in Sacramento, CA is Chucks' favorite.
  9. Hi Rich, My wife and I are giving some thought to going to a larger trailer as our trips are getting longer and longer. This is for us a very hard decision as we love the Oliver and the ease of towing, setting up and the convenience/ livability of the Oliver. We are located in the panhandle of FL and will be traveling north to Arkansas in April and South Dakota in May. I don't know of an Oliver in Ill. We're not sure what to ask for price and will fwd pix and info if you are interested. I am 'tumbleweed' on this forum and my wife is 'earthdancer'. You can see our Oliver by going to our blog. We are in no hurry to sell and want a good home for "PhummyPharm" Regards, Chuck
  10. Anybody else going to join us there next week ???
  11. After going over the calendar, at this time, none of the launch dates work for us! But we would love to do Blue Springs if we can get reservations for Feb 15th, 16th, and/or 17th. How do any of those dates fit in with ya'll? Geri
  12. Hi Sherry! Hi Everyone! Just wanted to jump in on this Blue Springs post! I have been there several times and it is totally amazing this time of year. Manatee leave the cold water of the St. John's River to the constant warmer temps of Blue Springs. I have been there on days that they were crowded into the springs like they were trying to fill a sardine can! Lots of babies this time of year too! There are several lookout areas where you are literally just feet from these magnificent, gentle creatures! Photo ops everywhere! As a hint, if your camera will accept a polarizing filter, it will take away the glare of the water and give you great wildlife photograph images of the manatee! I have never camped there... I just went on day trips but I am sure there were camping areas, just sorry that I can't give you a report on them! This is a beautiful park and it would be a great place for all of us here, in FL to get together one more time before we all scatter for the summer! Anybody ready for a Blue Springs gathering ???? Geri and Chuck are!
  13. Hi everybody and thanks! The wedding was beautiful and apparently it took place in the last warm 15 minutes we have seen this month! Because we were joining 2 households, we requested no gifts, however we also requested that all of our guests wear tie! My dress was tie dyed as was Chucks shirt. Even our wedding cake was tie dyed! Here is the link to our blog where you will find some of the first wedding photos! Keep an eye on the phunny pharm blog because we will be posting more photos later. http://phunnyfarm.blogspot.com/ Geri and Chuck
  14. We really like "Haulin' Glass" !!!!!!!!
  15. 27th on is great for us!!!!!!!! Doogie Bowser would love to go cathuntin' ! Yeah, we're ready...just try to have a little warm weather, pleeeease. In Bushnell, FL and it's gonna' get down to 19 degrees tonite......
  16. Decisions MUST be made so the eggs can plan on rollin' to Lake Greeson.....so could the Katfish King please consult the stars n moon n tides fur the best time!!!!!! Mr n Mrs Chuck n Geri n furminals
  17. I just got this heads up from my camping friend, Emily Ogle or Nomad Woman as she is known on the Casita Forum. Seems the Forest Service folks are considering reducing the 50% discount for handicapped and senior citizens to 10%! Read on below The Forest Service is proposing to reduce the discount provided to seniors and disabled citizens from 50% to 10% at Nat'l Forest Campgrounds. Go to this site and submit your comment but please be polite and respectful in doing so. You may also contact your state elected officials and let them know your opinion of this proposed change. Here is the link to the official notice. http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2009/E9-28744.htm There is a direct link to the comment page in the document. Or use this link: http://www.regulations.gov/search/Regs/ ... 6480a60f36 Added comment: If a campground fee is $16, with 50% discount, we would pay $8 as it is now. But if it goes to 10%, we would only get $1.60 off or we would have to pay $14.40. I am AGAINST it for sure. It is to reduce the discount, not reduce the fee. I have sent them my reply: Please do not let them do this! This post has been edited by DesertHawk: Yesterday, 12:32 PM -------------------- DesertHawk * Las Cruces, New Mexico USA 2005 Scamp 16' SD - 2009 White Ford F-150 Reg Cab (Retired the '03 Ford Ranger) http://s286.photobucket.com/albums/ll12 ... on=reverse CampingPosts
  18. Me too Sherry, my cover is still in the original box, still in Florida while Chuck and I work camp in Truth or Consequences NM. Maybe if we stop camping long enough, we can take it out of the box and at least look on it! Or maybe put it over my casita as it sits idle as we now travel in the Oliver! Desmo, if you get one, let us know how good it works!
  19. A lot of water comin' down the Rio Grande!! Up to the sandbags at the bottom of the staircase this AM and now up to the second step and the water be aflyin' downstream!!! We had a brief t'storm n rain but must be gettin' ready for your snowmelt !!!!! Ah well... the hot spring spas still range from 101 degrees to 108ish here 6,000 feet below ya'll !!!!! hehehehehe 65 degrees and 5 inches of snow = MUD !!! Hope ya'll be doing fine!! Chuck n Geri n critters
  20. Thanks for the invite Larry and Betty......... we will take you up on it....... as soon as all the snow melts! These hot springs in Truth or Consequences NM just feel too darn good! If any of ya'll wander out this way, you are welcome to come spend time in the hot springs with us! It's great! http://www.riverbendhotsprings.com
  21. Our blog is updated again! Enjoy! The link is below... in signature area. Thanks!
  22. While Chuck was getting our camping spot in Three Rivers NM, I had to take this photo of the sunblocker parked next to us! The campground at Three Rivers is small, only 2 sites with water & electric and about 5 for dry campers and no dump station available. But the water & electric site was only $5 with our geezer pass! Each site came with a covered picnic table. This is a beautiful spot with hundreds of petroglyphs drawn on rocks all over the hillsites! There are more photos on our blog if you are interested. Link below with signature.
  23. I am sooooooooo excited for you two! You are going to have a great adventure! I can't wait until we get the chance to come visit ya'll! I also can't wait to see you in our hot springs tubs! Grin! Keep in touch! Happy trails to you until we meet again.................
  24. In case any of you are interested, I have just updated our travel blog! I'm not totally caught up yet, but getting there. Chuck and I have arrived in Truth or Consequences NM and started our new job at the hot springs spa. The soaks in the mineral springs are wonderful! I just took one at 6:30 am! (8:30 am Florida time!) Since all of the photos on the Riverbend website are so beautiful, I haven't rushed over to get any of my own! The link to the spa website is: http://www.riverbendhotsprings.com Our blog link is: http://phunnyfarm.blogspot.com/ I hope your travels are as happy as ours!
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