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Welcome to the Family!

pam roach

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Congratulations and welcome to the Oliver Family!! The Someras from Cresent City, California. N. Beck and C. Jeffcoat from Seattle, WA- These wonderful people are taking delivery of their new Olivers this week. We are not sure who is more excited - them or us. Hope to be seeing these guys and spending great time with them!


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The Somera's couldn't be happier with their new Oliver! This is our first experience with a trailer (and with a forum) and it couldn't be anymore user friendly than it is. The remarkable thing about this whole experience of purchasing the Oliver is the people who guide you through the process. We saw the Oliver for the first time on July 19th in Bandon, OR where we were fortunate enough to met Jim and Evon Oliver and Pam and David Roach. Once we made the decision to purchase an Oliver, they worked with us and delivered the Oliver to California where we were again fortunate enough to have those four wonderful people spend four hours with us going over everything. Jim went out of his way to make sure our hitch was correct and even replaced it because it was too low. He made sure we had water and propane and saw us off for our first night in our Oliver. Not only have we purchased a fantastic little trailer, we have also made four new friends. Also, thanks to Robert back at the factory who got our Oliver out to us so soon. This whole experience has been wonderful. Once I figure out this whole forum thing I'll include pictures.


Pam Somera

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