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HOW TO: Fix your waste tee handles so they won't break off

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This is related to this thread, read more info here if you want to: ...http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/looking-for-a-threaded-waste-tee-handle-metric-6mm/




I never did locate a 6 mm threaded handle, so I modified the 1/4-20 threaded one I bought to make a silver colored Gray Water handle, and modded the other black handles to match. Here is the big reason to do this mod before one of your handles breaks off ... the dinky hollow roll pin through the handle is simply inadequate for the job. This one split into two long halves during removal:




If your tanks are completely empty, it will make this job much easier. Don't accidentally dump anything nasty on the ground or get black water in your gray tank.... you will have to pull the rear handles out all the way to do this.


Remove your old handles with a 1/6" pin punch and a helper (to hold a heavy block of wood underneath), after some really bad words. These handles are a pain to remove by yourself, and would be more so while camping. With a helper it doesn't take very long. Here are the threaded aftermarket and unthreaded Oliver handles for comparison.




Secure a handle in a padded vise and cut off the excess shank with a coarse hacksaw blade. The finished handle needs to be 1/4 inch thick or less where the threaded rod goes through.




File the cut side flat and true (90 degrees all around) and also take a little off the other side to provide a flat in the center. I used a large curved tooth mill file held in the vice and it worked well.




Drill a pilot hole and then a larger one straight and centered, I used a 15/64",(just under 1/4"). I used a drill press just because it was there, but you could use a hand drill if you are careful to keep it aligned:




Here is the finished handle with the cut off piece:




And the other side after painting. I used DupliColor (brake) Caliper Paint - it sticks very well without primer, is really hard (contains ceramic) and it dries fast. I use it for all small paint jobs and am always happy with the results.




Run the rear nut all the way down the threads, insert the handle, add a flat washer and a 6 mm Nylock nut. Clamp the shaft carefully with a small vice grip pliers to keep it from turning. Align the handle as desired, secure nuts. Done:




Don't forget the one in the bathroom.


This is one of those silly little things that takes a little time but virtually no money, as long as you have access to the tools, but it will save major headaches when your handle snaps off in your hand at the dump station, with a line of anxious campers behind you.


John Davies

Spokane WA







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