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AC Dometic Penguin II -- Internal drain hose for exterior unit?

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Does the above unit on a 2017 Oliver Elite II have an internal drain hose for the outside unit on the roof?

Or, does the condensation from use just run onto the (exterior) roof and down the side of the trailer?


I'm hoping it's the former, rather than the latter. Then I just need to un-plug the hose.

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On the back street side of an Elite II you should find a short length of hose protruding from the bottom of the camper.  This is the exterior drain hose for the air conditioner.  This hose goes from the air conditioner to that point by being routed between the inner and outer shells of the Oliver.



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There are two cups that the ac condensate drain into, you can see them from the outside on the roof, they're connected together by a piece of hose that goes into a tee fitting and the other hose connected to that drains to the outside like bill describes. All of this is accessible from inside if your drain is plugged, you don't need to do anything to winterize it.


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