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2019 Oliver Rally “How-to” Session

Mike and Carol

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Carol and I volunteered to help Coy and Mary Kay during next years rally by serving as program leaders for the “Best Practices” session (or Camping for Dummies 101). The idea is to gather up all the good ideas out there that folks have come up with to make their Oliver (or even other brands) more comfortable, efficient and useful. This is not a technical session (how to convert to disk brakes, solar installation, etc.) but more about simple things that we can share to enhance our camping experience. Sort of “why didn’t I think of that” things. Specifically, we’d like to talk about storage ideas, loading ideas, small modifications for things like keeping drawers shut, bathroom door open, hooks, towel rods, etc. We can also discuss favorite apps used for finding campgrounds, dump stations, trail maps, etc. Another potential topic is overnighting at Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Pilots, Rest Areas, etc. Also, what accessories you have that could be recommended (chairs, grills, screen rooms, tables, etc.).


I am going through the forum looking for good past input from owners. I’m also soliciting any good ideas you may have that could be shared during this session. We’re going to PowerPoint the presentation and make it available to everyone. After almost three years, a bunch of miles and nights we are still discovering “why didn’t I think of that” items from fellow owners. If you have anything we could include in our session please email me at mike7t6 at me dot com.


Thanks. Mike and Carol

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