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*Herschel and Darlene D2 Van Buren, AR 16' SD Casita

*Michael and Pat D2 Fort Smith, AR 13' Casita

*Thomas and Katy D2 Alma, AR 17' SD Casita

*Tom and Joyce Milford, KS 17' SD Casita

Lane and the Poodle Girls Warrenton, VA 17' SD Casita

*Geary and Mary Haltom City, TX 13' U-Haul

*Jim and Ruth D2 Hot Springs, AR 13' Scamp

*Marlene D1 Roanoke, TX 17' Casita

*Rod and Cheryl Prairie Grove, AR 16' Casita

Lonnie and Tonya Hitchita,OK 17' Casita

*Ron and Sandy D2 Eldridge, MO 17' Castia

*Chuck and Jeri East Point, Fl '08 Oliver Elite

Charlie and Joyce D2 Grand Prairie, TX 17' Casita

Larry and Betty D2 Vandervoort, AR '08 Oliver Legacy Elite

Steve and Tali Tupelo, MS '08 Oliver Legacy Elite

we would love for you to join us IF you would like to RVER II web page http://www.freewebs.com/rivervalleyeggrally/index.htm thanks Herschel look at the Registration page for map

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Doez ? any one Know if a Factory rep Is going to be there ? I know at least 1 Was bought after viewing an Oliver last year . Also there should be a few peopel we have ask to join us at the rally that are thinking about purching an egg of there own > thanks Herschel PS Maby someone could forward this to Oliver himself :D

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Howdy! There will be 4 Oliver's at the rally! Seadawg (Sherry and Paul) decided today to join us! Mountainborn and Butcherknife, ScubaRX and Tali, and Chuck and I ! You can tour all 4 because all 4 are going to be different. Oliver gives you so many choices and options, no 2 are going to be alike! Looking forward to meeting ya'll, this is my first rally! Geri

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