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The National Weather Service is tracking two Tropical storms that they expect to increase in intensity as they reach the warmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Carribean.

As wet and crazy as this August has been, should we expect trouble along the Southern and Eastern shoreline ?

Those of us that have retired may be able to put a few things in the trailer and go inland to visit kinfolks for a few days.

If you live in an area that may be effected by those storms, do you have plans along those lines ?

Any thing that those of us that live inland aways can do to help ?

I remember how during our last big ice storm, we were out of power for two weeks plus. It sure would have been nice to have a place to go, even if it was just for a weekend !

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Chuck and I are headed to the Oliver Factory and then on to Arkansas for the fiberglass rally! We took my Casita up to Tallahassee today, to hopefully find safe harbor if any storms strike our Gulf shores while we are gone. We live 1/2 block from the Gulf of Mexico... far too close during a storm, the rest of the time, the livin' is easy!


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Hi all! Just a note to let ya'll know Chuck and I arrived safe and sound in Hoenwald on Monday! Just wanted to share the awesome experience of seeing several conveys of army/national guardsmen and several truckloads of huge generators headed south to help those folks in the path of Hurricane Gustav! Tractor trailers owned by electric companies also with huge generators and all kinds of huge equipment headed south. I know they will be welcomed!


We are here at the Goodenough Inn and who shows up but Pete and Oscar!

what a fun surprise! They will be here tonight too! We all went to The Junkyard to meet Robert for lunch and we find out that Paul and Sherry will be pulling in tomorrow!

WOW! Gonna be like Old Home Week around here! Looking forward to seeing them again.



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Wow! What fun y'all must be having there in Hohenwald - wish we were there! We talked with Pete on the phone today while he was at the factory.. just before having lunch with Evon, Pam and Dave. I think tomorrow we will follow them to the Camel Races.


I just *love* that Oliver Forums have been such a basis of community and friendship. What a wonderful thing we have going here.


Oh, and have I mentioned lately how blessed I feel to have sold my house in Florida when I did? TS Faye flooded the Melbourne area, including my parent's neighborhood in the area. CBS did their national news reports from the front lawn during it (my parents were fine, by the way). And now, they're closely tracking all of the storms brewing out there in the Atlantic.


- Cherie

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