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Aluminum tongue tool box


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9 hours ago, dewdev said:


How did you attach the pllywood box to the aluminium basket?

What kind of paint did you use on the plywood?

Is that a cleat on the left side of the box?

The box is screwed to the sides of the Alum Basket.

I could find Exterior 1/2 Plywood, so I just use the best quality Plywood I could find and carefully painted it so it soaked in, so far so good.

Yes, cleats on both sides.

Thanks for asking.

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On 6/28/2021 at 3:03 PM, Pat Maundrell said:

I couldn't recommend a Tongue Storage Box more! We adapted the Stock Oliver Basket into a Storage Box and store our Leveling Ramps/Chocks and a few other Tools used during the Hitching process. Additionally, we store our Water Hose/Filter as well as our Shore Power Cables/Adapters. We secure this Box with Pad Locks, that are keyed the same as the Hitch Latch Lock as well as our two Electric Bikes Locks. I would estimate the total weight of items to be around 10-15 lbs.

I've given the "After Market Aluminum Boxes" some serious consideration also, but because they are a little wider than the Stock Oliver Basket, (I think by 4 inches,) I am worried that they can causing a problem when you making very shape turn with the Trailer. I've come close to hitting our Stock Oliver Basket with our TV during Shape U-Turns in Parking Lots.

It just dawned on me why I almost hit out Storage Box during a Max U-Turn maneuver, that  other may not experience.

Our TV (GL450) has a 121 Inch Wheel Base, which is probably much shorter than other TVs. This Short WB provides a much tighter Turning Radius, which is a big benefit to overall Handling, but really advantageous when Backing into a Campsite or other tight situations. Additionally, the Ball of the Andersen Hitch is extremely close to the rear Bumper, (by design) which of course bring the TV's Bumper Corners closer to the Storage Box during  Jack knife Turns. This also shortens the overall Wheel Base of the TV andTrailer combination, by a few inches, which again improves Handling, etc.

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I just stumbled onto this post while searching for another topic.  

When we returned from our maiden voyage after delivery on May 17 in Hohenwald, we arrived at home at 1 a.m.  To facilitate the unloading process, I decided to back R-Villa into our driveway.  While maneuvering I needed to jackknife at a somewhat sharp angle, but I did not think to check.  My wife said, "Did you hear that?"  

I hadn't heard anything; however, upon "de-trucking" I saw what I hadn't heard.  The next day the body shop gave me the bad news--$600 to straighten and paint the rear bumper on our new truck.

I have since removed the Oliver aluminum box and will probably sell it.  

The box was unscathed!

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2021 GMC Denali HD, 6.6 L Duramax Turbo-Diesel, 10-speed Allison


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