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Unknown 12v Fuses

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Please help...

Wish I could, and hopefully someone can.  It seems like Oliver has changed the fuse configuration often, and at least on mine the fuses don’t match the label anyway.  My advice is to just pull them and see what goes out. I’d guess that one of them goes to a sub panel somewhere, since you don’t have fuses for the stereo, tv, etc. Mine has a 12 volt breaker panel in the attic and there’s a fuse for it - but I’d heard that Oliver no longer does that?  Also I see you have a 20A fuse for the dinette 12v outlet but don’t you also have an outlet over the kitchen counter?  Maybe that’s the other one.


Do you have a composting toilet, and if so, why do you have a 7.5A fuse going to it? 5A is the max and I think 2A is recommended. Oliver used to put 1A fuses in there, lol.



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Looks like they put the wrong label on your PDC door, one for an Elite I maybe?  The last two 20 Amps are for 12V/USB outlets. #6 is for the dinette outlets above the LP/CO detector and #7 is for the curb-side night stand (twin bed model). That second 7.5 (#5) feeds the basement light.

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