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  1. I second this recommendation. I also follow up with their Mildew Stain Blocker. http://www.starbrite.com/item/mildew-stain-blocker-with-nano-tech-barrier
  2. I just carry a couple of 1/2" quick links for this purpose. They're strong enough and also fit the safety chains hooks and hitch loops better.
  3. Ditto this. I have discovered that raising the connected coupler above normal connection level will unseat the ball wedge making the triangle plate easy to turn by hand when reconnecting.
  4. Styling changes don't come readily to Toyota products. I, as most, drive them in spite of their Toyota-signature styling. The more important attraction is the long road ahead with no CELs visible. Rather than concentrating on appearance changes, my hope would be for a payload that is more insync with the tow rating.
  5. Be sure whoever you choose for the installation understands the issue of retaining thermostat control for the LP furnace. Advanced RV is careful to point out that their retrofit cost does not include additionals for this when replacing a Penguin II. Quotes must include specific consideration for this issue.
  6. The outside height dimension of the AC3400 shipping carton is only 10".
  7. I still think this is caused by air pressure from the forward facing drain hole. My interim solution is a pair of the ever popular RV magnetic catches. Fit perfectly.
  8. It also keeps negative pressure in the gray tank from drawing on the galley sink trap when the shower backflow valve is closed. You might be able to get along without it if you also replace the sink trap with a sanitary waste valve but space is limited and then there would be no vent for the tank at all when traveling. Most AAVs are serviceable. Have you checked to see if the top will unscrew 1/4 turn? Then you can disassemble and clean the innerards. It's Probably fouled with fiberglass dust.
  9. I believe, if you asked a vehicle mfg for a calculation, you'd be closer using the LE exterior width (6' 6") and height minus the A/C unit. (9' minus 12" maybe?). As long as a surface opposes air flow, whether angled or curved doesn't factor into a frontal area equation. Of course we know it will have an effect, but perhaps some allowance in the mfg specification has been made, for simplicity sake. Think like an engineer designing something for the "ignorant consumer"
  10. Ford defines it thusly: "Frontal Area is the total area in square feet that a moving vehicle and trailer exposes to air resistance." It doesn't require an aerodynamic drag calculation. Just add to the published tow vehicle height and width, any additional for the trailer that extends beyond the tow vehicle.
  11. One thing you have to consider is the maximum frontal area of the trailer. The Cherokees are limited to less than 40 square feet which pretty much restricts them to towing boats, popup campers, or maybe a larger teardrop. Assuming the numbers you provide for the Jeep are from the vehicle information label on the drivers door jamb and/or the owner's manual, your actual maximum payload is 1250# (5500 gvwr minus 4250 curb weight). Whenever you'll be loading close to the GVWR, it is best to first verify your true curb weight at a public scale, then add the weight of your anticipated passenger and equipment load to determine a best-estimate for tow vehicle weight, before adding the trailer tongue load. The difference between this estimate and the maximum GVWR can be used to determine the maximum tongue/trailer weights. If a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) for your vehicle is available, it is often best to use this number to determine the actual maximum trailer weight. Manufactures often toute high tow weight ratings that, when combined with the GVWR, far exceed the GCWR. This means the tow vehicle is safe to tow the advertised trailer weight only with minimal payload. Again, in cases where anticipated loading will be near the GVWR, you may find your maximum trailer weight will be far less than the advertised tow rating.
  12. The switches themselves are the same as used elsewhere in the trailer and are not waterproof. An optional splash-proof boot is used on the bath switches. On my 2018, Oliver used ZF/Cherry RR and SR series switches , part numbers: RRA32H3FBBNN (DPST for light) and SRJ23A3BBBNN (SPDT for water pump 3-way). The optional boot is p/n 00150751. For later model trailers, I'd recommend pulling one of the more accessible switches by the door and verifying mfg and numbers. It might be easiest to just source them from Oliver but Digikey stocks them I believe.
  13. That one will work just throw away the adapter fitting. Assuming you want something quick that will plug and play, this is it. https://www.amazon.com/Camp-Chef-Connection-quick-connect/dp/B000H87M9M/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsZKJBhC0ARIsAJ96n3WmYHqqcJVdu8KKvVgoWaS3YVvkSYGMrTlvEK0hIlXF2WKMzdhDymcaAl6pEALw_wcB&hvadid=178108217435&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9008389&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=2636583558513346609&hvtargid=kwd-5204400155&hydadcr=9413_9900329&keywords=camp+chef+rv+connection+hose&qid=1629834150&sr=8-3 If you can wait longer the following will give you some additional length options. https://www.caloreequipment.com/products/rv-quick-connect-lp-grill-hose/
  14. What you tow is not nearly as significant as understanding the additional responsibilities you're taking on when towing.
  15. Also, CAT Scale has a couple of nice apps. Check out: "Weigh My Truck" and/or "CAT Scale". The latter app is newest and has a subfunction link to the the former. These really make the weighing process easy.
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