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  1. This is an undesirable end result of using the house battery bank for the emergency breakaway source. It's either a RVIA or DOT requirement, maybe both, that the switch be directly connected to the battery. Normally, with a dedicated breakaway battery, this isn't an issue because wire lengths are miniscule. Common sense and best practices always overrule ambiguous requirements. I added a 25 amp type 2 auto reset breaker. 25 is the maximum ampacity of the 14 awg wiring so it won't burn up if it shorts or the switch fails, and high enough to eliminate any potential for tripping on initial
  2. Ugh. Guess I should have read the entire post instead of just looking at the picture.
  3. Update to earlier post: No changes by Morryde. Looking at the photo zoomed in, it appears as though Oliver has added narrow rubber strips to isolate the batteries from hook damage. I'll have to check mine but I seem to remember the Trojans being a pretty tight fit. Not sure this will work as a retrofit solution, but if it does, OTT needs to step up. Then: How to resolve total battery weight vs tray maximum capacity issue.
  4. I'm seeing something different here. The J-hooks are still there but the battery tray appears to be an updated design. The slots for the hooks are through horizon angles at the top of the tray, rather than through the vertical sides. This moves the hooks above and outside the storage area. I'm trying to get info from Morryde on this change and also whether the 250# max capacity rating has changed to negate overloading by the GC2 AGMs.
  5. I've used rigid foam board insulation (polystyrene) for a vibration mat and blocking spacers. The battery weight will create a slight indentation in the foam mat, which tends to cradle the battery and keep them from moving.
  6. I could prefaced my alternator comment with: If there will be any chance of upgrading the charge wiring and adding a B2B charger. A factory secondary could have a drive ratio more tailored to the intended use.
  7. Personally, given the option, I would never pass on the opportunity for a factory installed second alternator. Trying to duplicate later would be much more expensive and potentially less reliable. Air suspension? Nice to have when they work but notoriously unreliable after a few years and expensive to fix out of warranty. It's a trade off with considerations for length of ownership and abuse truck will be subjected to. Not for me because there are lots of gravel roads and snow where I am and I tend to run things until the wheels fall off.
  8. You should also be thinking about the future Elite III.
  9. But the payload hit may make it a nonstarter.
  10. Not Tesla but this may get the ball rolling. https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/08/rivian-is-building-its-own-ev-charging-network-but-with-an-adventurous-twist/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9hcHAuYXNhbmEuY29tLzAvaG9tZS8xMTYxMjgxOTI5NDEyODY0LzExOTk1NTU3OTUwNTIwODM&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAJxaQrHAwb-CculLw98766mI4LhJOBH5vvGQ5XZfkXgUwfsJRH9kIOADdq4mw94pAXKzq5bBqZrtl6CN9iLyjMRp6CdSD1c6CQNTdjwalZmHcBVLyXTdpWxpIo3an2R_jjEjoV4uuZ2Y_z6oU9susKfEU6XoGR_xc5lpH8q87JQH
  11. It may be that the inverter has gone into power standby assuming the power button is in the on position. (In/down) Plugging in a lamp with 75W or greater light bulb in should wake it up. If this is the case, I would go into the settings and turn the power save timer off, then use the power switch on the inverter to put it in standby when it's not going to be needed for long periods.
  12. Why not reinstall it and just leave the AC breaker off until needed?
  13. I'm not the most qualified to answer but can provide some pertinent advise. First, regarding the number of plugins, the refrigerator should have it's own circuit and outlet somewhere behind and below the sink. You can verify this by checking your AC electrical panel for a separate circuit breaker labeled as such. Access for the hold down appears to only be possible through the vent hole with that plate removed. First protect the plate with a couple layers of masking tape. Then, using light pressure so as not to spin the rivets, drill just through the rivet heads with a 1/8" bit. If n
  14. On the other hand, cooking brats on the grill in 30 mph wind driven snow is a blast.
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