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Wireless (Bluetooth) Bose Headphones and the Jensen JWM40 DVD player


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If you camp in FL during the summer, that annoyingly loud AC seems to startup during the best scenes of your movie.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to pair my Bose Soundlink wireless headphones to the Jensen Stereo (JWM40).  The headphones were more than happy to pair to my iPhone, but no luck pairing to the Jensen audio  DVD player system.  I did manage to run a headphone cable to the back of the TV (with TV speaker set to "on") and enjoy the TV through the cabled headphones, but no luck with DVD and headphones (cable or Bluetooth).  Any technical advice on making this work is very much welcome.  My goal is to watch DVD movies wearing headphones.


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From the manual, it looks like the JWM40 only supports Bluetooth in, so you can send audio from your smartphone to the stereo, but the stereo can't send audio to another device.


The main Oliver manual says there is a headphone output on the stereo, but I don't see one in the stereo manual itself.  If you can get a headphone out working, you can use a device like this to stream over bluetooth for up to two headphones: https://amzn.to/2T4xmyK



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This is what I use at home to keep peace in the house. I do not know about the one WhatDa recommended, but this one allows me to totally mute the television while listening on my Bose 35's.


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