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Cell Phone Amplifier

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OK, I give up. :cry: Trying to get my outside mounted cell phone amplifier to work with my computer/air card. I know I need a cord to match my cell phone from the heat sink looking part of the amplifier to the cell phone. What I can't find out is what I need to make my Dell computer work (with or without) the air card. Do I need something from the heat sink thingie that has a female plug to the computer :? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance! Chuck 8-)

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A few questions for clarification on your setup...


1) Are you using the Powerful Signal cell phone amplifier system installed by Oliver?


a) If so, then you shouldn't need to plug anything into anything. You should have a repeater installed that re-transmits the signal, and all your cellular devices should auto pick them up and have their signal boosted. If you're not, and you're trying to direct plug in an antennae type device, only some cell phones/air cards have an external port for that.


b) If you have a medium to strong signal already, the amplifier system will likely go into oscillation (lights red, instead of green on the 'heat sink thingie') and basically turn off , so it makes no sense to use the amplifier system except when you have a marginal signal.


c) If you're having any problems at all with the system, call the folks at Powerful Signal.. they are simply *awesome* at tech support.



2) Does your Dell have a built in cellular data card? If not, I'm confused as to what you're expecting to work on it in regards to the cell phone amplifier system. If so, then see above advice :)



- Cherie

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Hey Chuck, I can't remember what brand your amplifier is, but go to the manufacturer's web site and look for a block diagram that will show what hooks to what for the way you need to use it.

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Hi and thanks for answering!

Will swim out to the Phunny Pharm tomorrow. Supposed to stop raining. Will check with Mfg. What I'm trying to accomplish is get stonger signal to my AT&T air card as it is terrible. Earth Dancer uses AllTel and is MUCH better but sometimes she wants to use HER computer and air card and I still got a year on my contract.

thanks, Chuck

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Ok, sun shining so didn't have to swim to Oliver. The cell amp is Signal Reach, Inc , sa 210 model. The installation diagram shows a connection to the cell(differant by brand of cell phone) but not to a computer. Is there a cordless method? How or can you hook up to a computer? Cherie, I am extremely electrically/electronically/technology challenged :cry: but like to use the goodies. Both our Dells have the wifi cards. Any help greatly appreciated! Terms need to be very simplistic, I'm old!!!!

Chuck 8-)

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