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2021 Power Options / Upgrades


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I am currently in the process of evaluating our upgrades for a 2021 Elite2.  I finalize my order in a month and take delivery in February 2021.

In my view, one of the more complex (and expensive) decisions with this purchase are the solar and battery packages and upgrades.  It is complex for me because I do not thoroughly understand the basics of electricity (Amps, Volts and Watts) and because I am not at all sure how we will use the RV  (both how much power capacity we need; and how often we will be with full hookups).

My wife and I have never owned an RV and given our limited experience with rental and borrowed RVs (several trips, a few nights each trip), I suspect, we will spend most (more than 50%) of our nights without hookups, and will not stay in one location for many nights at a time.  I do not anticipate parking the trailer for more than 1-2 nights at at a time at any one site.  I suspect we will travel from location to location every few days. I am also inclined to buy only what I need and upgrade as I use the trailer more and better understand our needs and camping style.

Current Oliver-offererd Options: (1) two (or four) basic wet cell batteries (12v) with no inverter; (2) four 6V AGM batteries with or withour a 2,000W inverter; or (3) two 200Ah lithium batteries with a 3,000W inverter.  Also, of course two 170W solar panels are available  with an installed solar charge controller.

The options are increasingly expensive, but may well be worth it in the long run.  I hate to be "penny-wise and pound foolish", but here is my thinking.

Purchase the AGM batteries and 2,000W inverter, but no solar.  If additional battery capacity is needed in the short-term, purchase a portable power station (probably one of the lithium stations like an EGO 3000W or an EcoFlow Delta 1300 or something similar).  The trailer (house AGM) batteries can be recharged on travel days from my tow vehicle alternator (correct?) and on days when my trailer sits in one place, but I take my tow vehicle sight-seeing, I can at least recharge a portable power station the same way.

If, after using the trailer, we discover we need more battery power, that only lithium can provide, I can upgrade.  I can also add solar if needed.

As a newbie, I would appreciate any other thoughts or insights from experienced RVers.  TY in advance.


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I don't know what the upgrade prices are, but I  know that we added solar, not quite six months in. 

If it were me, I'd get standard fla batteries  and solar. Upgrade the batteries when they die in 5 or 6 years. If you're ok with the maintenance of fla batteries. 

At the very least,  make sure you get a port for portable solar 

My opinion,  only. 

I can (and do) live without a lot, but not without my solar panels.


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400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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