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  1. @SeaDawg - Do you recommend a 1" or 2" topper? Something like this? I understand that we are trying to balance the comfort of a more traditional mattress and accessibility to the compartments underneath the benches. https://amzn.to/38I6qye
  2. I have fretted over this same issue. We pick up an Elite 1 in February. After much research (inlcuding some guidance from this forum), I recently traded in a Tacoma for a Tundra. My Tacoma had a tow capacity of 6,400 lbs. it had an advertised payload capacity at or near 1,300 lbs. However, my model (TRD model ) had an actual payload capaity (from my door jam) of only 950 lbs. In my view, that was not enough truck to easily pull the trailer ( with 300-400 lb tongue weight + 300 pound passengers + top for the bed + cargo weight). ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT FACTOR in my decision was my ab
  3. I don't have an Ollie until Feb, but I just had to reply and say, "THIS IS A GREAT THREAD!" Thank you all for sharing your responses and inspiration. Happy New Year.
  4. I ended up with a new one (2021). I had a deal on a 2017 with 34k miles for a bit less, but decided to go with new. I am not sure exactly how Covid has impacted the truck market, but I can tell you I found fewer trucks for sale in my search than ever in the past. BTW, I drove my Tacoma for two years, put 19,000 miles on it, and traded it in for $500 less than I bought it for. Weird times. I know the Tundra is dated (to say the least), but I am a card-carrying Toyota fan-boy, so in the end, it was easy for me to overlook its shortcomings. I am working to get it in shape and campin
  5. UPDATE - I just picked up a Tundra. I got (what I believe to be) a fair deal and now I won't worry about pushing the limits of my truck. I have to set up the truck and get ready for delivery of our Oliver! Thanks so much for your help. Bill
  6. Welcome from Austin. We pick up in February too. An Elite 1 (the shorty). Hope to see you on the road.
  7. I recently faced this exact decision with not a lot of RV camping experience, and uncertain of exactly where we will camp. We finalized our options a couple of weeks ago. We chose the Solar Pro package. My thoughts . . . I wanted to be able to camp remotely for 1-2 nights at a time with absolutely no hookups, water or sewer. If I immediately need more power than the AGM batteries can store and / or the panels can recharge, I'll get a generator. In the meantime, when I replace my AGMs in a few years, the lithium technology will be more advanced and the options will be broader. I'll kn
  8. We finalized our order for the Elite 1 (shorty) and have a delivery date of 2/2/21. Looking forward to spending some time camping comfortably and exploring our beautiful country. Thanks so much to all of the active contributors on the forum. I look forward to meeting you on the road. Stay healthy and happy trails - Bill
  9. My truck is a stock 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad, 4WD, double cab (bigger, 4 door cab), and longer (6') bed, with no other options. In my research, I think, according to Toyota specs, my truck should have payload (with my trim level) of 1,175 lbs. So, I am a bit confused why my truck's payload is so low, but facts are facts. Thanks Back of Beyond and John Davies. I do appreciate your feedback. I now better understand that my truck is undersized for this trailer. I would prefer a large margin of error (in terms of tow limits and payload). Most of my previous camping experienc
  10. Thank you for the information on this thread. Much appreciated. We are picking up an Elite I in February. I am planning to tow with my Toyota Tacoma, but am concerned about my payload and tow limits. My vehicle is a 2019 Tacoma, 4wd double cab, longer (6') bed. My payload max (from the driver door jam) is only 950 lbs. My tow limit is 6,400 lbs. From the Oliver website, the Elite I's GVWR is 5,000 lbs, with a dry weight of 3,700 lbs. Tongue weight of "approximately" 370 lbs. My wife and I weigh 300 lbs combined which only leaves approximately 280 lbs for all cargo and the
  11. This thread makes me want to explore these areas that I have not seen. Thanks for the inspiration!
  12. I am currently in the process of evaluating our upgrades for a 2021 Elite2. I finalize my order in a month and take delivery in February 2021. In my view, one of the more complex (and expensive) decisions with this purchase are the solar and battery packages and upgrades. It is complex for me because I do not thoroughly understand the basics of electricity (Amps, Volts and Watts) and because I am not at all sure how we will use the RV (both how much power capacity we need; and how often we will be with full hookups). My wife and I have never owned an RV and given our limited exper
  13. I am very interested in a CO rally. My vote would be River Run. Thanks for the effort. Looking fwd to it! Bill
  14. I am no RV expert. My wife and I have rented two Airstreams (a late model Flying Cloud 25 Twin and a brand new Caravel 22). My only experience with Oliver has been online research and we were shown an Elite 2 recently by local owners. We really liked both brands. With that caveat, we decided to place an order for an Oliver. Here are the primary reasons: 1. Fiberglass vs aluminum. We typically spend at least half our summer in the CO mountains and we have been in several (if not dozens) of hail storms. I suspect the aluminum might not last through a major hail storm. 2. I
  15. This is it ^^^^^^ How much would a trailer built like an Ollie with these features weigh? I am not sure I would be willing to tow it. How much more would I pay? $85k - $95k???
  16. Have any owners installed the Airhead toilet in their Ollies? I would love to hear thoughts on how it performed and specifically how it was vented in the Oliver, and specifically where the fan was installed, whether it is necessary to install one or two fans, and whether the air flow created by towing created a problem. I know that Oliver offers an option to install the Nature's Head, and the venting may be similar issues, although the Airhead fan tends to be installed away from the toilet and at the Nature's Head tends to be installed on the side of the toilet.
  17. I, too, have only see these articulting hitches on smaller trailers (offroad teardrops or teardrop-like trailers). But, after looking at the McHitch - as described in this thread, I started thinking about it for an Oliver. The Lock & Roll just seemed to be a potentially simpler solution, but honestly I have not researched in depth. I am concerned about backing a trailer with these hitches. How will the trailer respond? I think one of the benefits of the small, lightweight trailer is that you can move the trailer by hand in a pinch. Not happening with a 6k pound trailer. I do
  18. @Overland & @Raspy - Great information about this hitch and jack. Thanks for your effort to write this up and share it with us. Did either of you consider the Lock & Roll hitch? (https://locknroll.com/) I am interested in your thoughts or if others have installed on their Ollies. Thanks again, stay safe. Bill
  19. https://tpwd.texas.gov/newsmedia/releases/?req=20200407a
  20. Looks very nice and functional. Nice build. Congrats!
  21. In researching this topic, I came across a post from BackofBeyond. He has built his own covered "Ollieport". Nice work and good inspiration.
  22. Where so you store your trailer when you are not travelling in it? Do you keep it at home or in a storage facility? Is it covered? Climate controlled? Do you connect it to water/sewer/30A hookups when in storage? When you are not travelling, how often do you access your trailer? This will be our first travel trailer (RV of any kind). We will probably travel in it 4-6 times per year and I am wondering about storage and maintenance. I would love to keep it at home (for ease of access for maintenace and mods) , but I have no covered facility here. I would love to hear your advice and
  23. Hello Oliver fans - Wife and I are looking at trailers online and came across Oliver. They appear to be well-made. Maybe someday soon we can join you as owners. Until then - we will continue our research. Happy (and healthy) trails- Bill
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