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Composting toilet installation


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I am considering retrofitting my 2009 Oliver Elite (Hull #35)  with the Natures Head composting toilet after a black tank dumping disaster. I’ve looked at the past posts about this and can’t find any info on anyone actually doing it. I have a couple of questions as I would like to remove the black tank and associated drain tubing at the same time and use the space for other things. My big question is can the toilet floor be easily removed? Is it just held on with caulking or is it glassed in?  I’m thinking of how best to remove the black tank and how to install a hatch to get into that space. 

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Message Overland, if he doesn’t respond here, he has removed his black tank and cut all kinds of extra access holes in the floors. Keep in mind removing all the black stuff will affect resale value, if a buyer wants that regular toilet.

Good  luck, post pics please!

John Davies

Spokane WA

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From a 2009 , the tank is not easily accessed , nor removed. 

The dinette seat on  the other side of the bathroom is full if the electric reel, heavy duty cord, and on top of that, the awkward storage bin.

The composting toilet has worked well for many people. Don't count on the black tank space for much, other than (maybe)  a hidey hole accessible from a cutout you'd have to make, the north side of the seat. That's if you want tp go to the (extensive, somewhat useless, imo) work of removing it. 

I wouldn't do it. 

If I  wanted a composting toilet, I'd drain and sanitize the heck out of the empty tank, and call it done.

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Thanks for the replies. I got serious enough this morning to actually remove the old toilet and see what it takes to do the job. I thought that the toilet sat on a floor panel and the black tank was a separate unit underneath. I now see that the toilet sits directly on the fiberglass black tank.  This should make the job a lot easier than I first thought.

My plan now is to:

1. Pressure wash and completely sanitize the inside of the black tank.

 2. install Natures Head and mounting brackets

3. Temporarily seal existing hole.

4. Try it out for a while and make sure I like it.

If I don’t like it I will revert back to existing toilet. If I do like it I will remove the black water drain pipe and use fiberglass to  completely seal up the black water tank and cut a new waterproof deck hatch to the side of the Natures Head and use that space for storage of extra toilet supplies. Everything will remain reversible if it needs to be removed in the future. Also, by removing the black water drain pipe it will make access to the grey water drain valve possible without having to cut a hole in the underside of the trailer again. 


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