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There are multiple references to replacing the 2" hitch ball with a larger 2 5/16" ball and coupling.  Oliver will do this on new trailers for $230, which includes some credit for the 2" coupler.  

Seems like the primary purpose for going to the larger diameter hitch ball has been to reduce wear associated with use of the Anderson weight distribution hitch.  But what about trailers without the Anderson WDH?  Is there still a wear or strength advantage?  Seems like most 2" and 2 5/16" hitch balls have the same 1 1/4" shaft (and therefore the same shear strength), or perhaps that's not the case.  Would hitch-ball material make a bigger difference than diameter?


2021 Oliver LE2
Ram 2500 diesel

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The main reason is that the 2” Bulldog coupler on the Ollie is rated at “only” 7,000 lbs, but the 2-5/16” Bulldog coupler is rated at 12,500 lbs.  Some Ollie owners have a loaded weight close to or even over 7,000 lbs., so upgrading the ball size along with a higher rated hitch and a bigger tow vehicle gives a lot more towing capacity and safety factor.  

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Just use a good quality 7500 pound rated ball on a plain ball mount of the correct drop; no worries with the 2” Bulldog. Unless you plan to grossly overload the trailer, then worries.... or buy a bigger trailer.

I switched because of the horrible ball wear from the forward thrust of the Andersen chains, the bigger ball is definitely better in this respect. I have no regrets whatsoever.

John Davies

Spokane WA

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