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Regular Inspection & Maintenance


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Inspection & Maintenance for Travel Trailer

There are several different types of maintenance on an RV. You have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly types of maintenance but then there are other types of maintenance that you might do based on usage and/or the environment that you’re in. In this article we are going to cover maintenance items that should be performed or inspected more of an as needed basis.

Some of the items you might see with a quick visual inspection while others might require the removal of an item to perform the inspection.

MaxxAir Fan

This is the main cabin fan that vents air in or out based on your needs. Because the fan is open to the outside it can start to collect insects and debris over time. This is something very easy to detect and see without having to remove any other parts.

A quick inspection will tell if this needs to be cleaned. The cleaning of the screen is very simple as you only have to turn 4 knobs to allow the removal of the screen. See pictures below for how to remove the screen.

maxxair fan inspection and maintenance maxxair fan inspection and maintenance
maxxair fan inspection and maintenance maxxair fan inspection and maintenance

Once the screen has been removed you can clean the screen as well as the fan blades (pictured above). To reinstall the screen simply hold the screen in place and turn the knobs back to secure the screen.

Water Pump Filter

You should on occasion inspect the water pump filter and clean it out. This item requires you to remove the filter to really see inside. How often you check this filter depends on how often you run water through the water pump.

Steps to remove the filter: twist clockwise to remove

Water Pump Filter Inspection and Maintenance
Water Pump Filter Inspection and Maintenance

If anything is in the filter dispose of it properly before reinstalling the filter.

Window Tracks

Windows have weep holes on the outside that allows water to weep out from the inside track. If these weep holes are blocked or the track is full of debris then it can hinder water from flowing out the weep holes properly which causes water to backup inside the window and eventually leak to the inside of the camper.

Steps to properly check Window tracks

Window Tracks Inspection and Maintenance
Window Tracks Inspection and Maintenance

*Trees are the primary cause for falling debris collected inside the window track. Occasional inspection is recommended to keep these clean.

Also check the inside water track that the sliding window slides on. You will need to open the sliding window to check the track. The picture below shows where there is a break between the weatherstrip pieces. This break(separation) can cause water to be pressured under the glass and into the inside of the camper.

Window Tracks Inspection and Maintenance

You should keep these tracks clean and ensure that the weatherstrip does not separate.

The sliding glass weatherstrip is in 5 pieces due to the curve radius which requires special cuts be made to allow it to turn the corners.

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