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Keep Your RV Trailer Cool This Summer


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Summer is Here and it's a Hot One!

Keep Your RV Trailer Cool This Summer with 13 Helpful tips!

When the snow starts to thaw, the leaves unfurl and the crisp lazy summer air drones on, this is time where you pack up your RV for another adventure-packed season. However, for those of you who have experienced the free life in the torrid heats and the sweltering sun basking the roof of a camper trailer, the prospect of traveling in summer seems like a double-edged sword. When you add that to the heat from the engine and the appliances, it could prove to be almost stifling.

Don’t let the sultry weather dampen your spirit! If you happen to catch a heat wave, while out on the road, here are a few tips on how you can stay cool and glean maximum fun out of your excursions:

1. Search For A Suitable Camping Ground

Search For A Suitable Camping Ground

An ideal site would incorporate ample trees and breezy afternoons. When you arrive at the campsite, never hesitate to ask for a shaded spot, especially on the side where the refrigerator vent is located. This would help cool your travel trailer and make sure your refrigerator survives the onslaught of the sun.

2. Add Additional Shade

To add more shade it is prudent to extend a tarp over the RV trailer for added shade since tarps are cheap and space-effective alternatives to air conditioning and provide additional coolness. You can park your rig between two adjacent trees and hang a tarp in between to provide a cool shaded area for your family to enjoy.

3. Opening Up Windows & Awnings

Opening Up Windows & Awnings

Opening up all the window awnings when you park your camping trailer at the campsite. Awnings not just provide shades for the windows, but draw in the cool outside air. Adequate shades can reduce the temperature inside up to 5 degrees.

Pick a parking spot with ample space on the west and east to open your biggest awning alternatively during the morning and evening times. Additionally, you can add a sunscreen to the outer edge of the main awning for a life-saving tactic and adding space to your outdoor patio. The screen can be stabilized and held in place with tent stakes.

4. Add A Generator

Install a 4KW generator on a raised platform, at the rear of the rig, so that you have enough power to operate multiple appliances such as the A/C. Equipping the roof with solar panels to be able to charge devices on a sunny day without the dependence of battery power does add a lot of benefits.

5. Maintaining Ventilation Of The RV Trailer

Maintaining Ventilation Of The RV Trailer

Maintaining proper ventilation is indispensable to beat the heat. When your AC is turned off, open up all the windows and doors on the shaded side to allow the air to cross. Also cover the roof vent with a vent cover to allow for maximum ventilation, even if it starts to rain, and eradicate all musty odors and smoke from inside.

Sun-facing windows should be sheltered with blinds. Park your RV trailer on the side that allows your ceiling fan to draw in cooler air from outside.

6. Ceiling Fans Help Keep The Inside Cool

Ceiling Fans Help Keep The Inside Cool

Ceilings fans work painstakingly to ward hot air out of the camping trailer and keep the inside cool, efficiently. Ideally, having two roof-mounted fans at opposite ends of the rig. One fan should be left in the “in” position and the other one in the “out” to promote a steady draft of air, even on windless days, and prevent stifling. Also, keep a couple of age-old hand fans with you. On bad days, you might be glad to have them.

7. A/C Unit

A/C Unit

Furnish you travel trailer with a roof A/C unit. With a little forethought, you could glean maximum comfort from the A/C unit without operating the generator unnecessarily. Try to get through the morning without A/C and rely on the outside air. Switch the A/C back on around the afternoon, shut off all the windows and leave the ceiling fan running. Once your trailer has acquired an agreeable temperature, switch if off and let the ceiling fan circulate the cooled air.

8. Thermostatic Fan Above The Fridge Vent

Install a thermostatic fan at the top of the refrigerator vent to help lift the warm air upwards. This seeks to eliminate the heat, discharged by the refrigerator and greatly enhances its performance by up to 40% by preventing heat buildups. If you are mechanically inclined, you could install one yourself or have a dealer do it for you.

9. Monitor Your Voltage

If your RV is hooked up with the shore electrical supply, voltage fluctuations could ensue since all the campers are running their A/C and putting a higher load on the campground electricity. Make sure you monitor the voltage using a voltmeter and if the voltage drops below 105 or rises above 130, turn all your electrical appliances off until it is restored to normal.

10. Inside Cooking vs. Outside Cooking

Inside Cooking vs. Outside Cooking

Heat and aroma from cooking permeates throughout the travel trailer and make living uncomfortable. To reduce indoor heat, try to do most of your cooking outside. Employ a grill, electric broilers or frying fans, and crock pots to cook your food outside on a makeshift kitchen. Plan your groceries around meals that can be viably cooked outside and also prove to be a blessing for the cook.

11. Leftovers Are Valuable

Preparing dinner inside the stifling confines of an RV trailer is nothing short of a struggle. Instead of preparing each meal from scratch, strive to use leftovers and cook enough daily to last 2-3 times. This saves electric power while also keeping the trailer cooler throughout the day.

12. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated by consuming lots of rejuvenating fluids. Water and low calorie sports drinks serve as an inner coolant. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they tend to dehydrate the body, such as coffee, tea, and alcohol. As a personal coolant, fill a spray bottle with cold water and essential oils to keep your skin invigorated even when the A/C is turned off.

13. Time To Travel

The hottest time of the day is from 11 to around sunset. Plan trip around that time to keep yourself diverted and staying out of the camper trailer, you may also wish to keep the windows open to stay ventilated while traveling.

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