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Awning out and anchored down, screen room kit attached with a tarp and rug on the ground. We were at the sugar beet harvest in this photo.

In this configuration our screen room was more of a “mud room”! When we came back from a 12 hour shift on the beet pile in any kind of falling precipitation, we would be layered up as follows.

High tech fiber under clothes with an additional layer or two on top of that, covered by a bright yellow two piece rain suit and topped off with a reflective safety vest and hard hat with polar fleece liner. Sometimes there would be a polar fleece face mask under the safety glasses.

The weather meant there would be stuck beet trucks everywhere and every few steps you would have to stop to knock the mud from your boots to make walking easier. So, you actually had one more layer that you were wearing when you got home at the end of a shift or weather shut down. A pristine layer of mud splatter all over that yellow rain suit!

Our Jeep seats had heavy plastic trash bags pulled over them to protect the cover fabric from the mud. In the floor board of the Jeep was deep side rubber floor mats that could be quickly dumped out and hosed off.

A freeze proof hose at the picnic table with a broom and boot brush let us rinse ourselves down to keep the mud out of our Oliver trailer. As we entered the screen room we shed our rain suits, hanging them to dry and putting our boots on boot dryers on a table. Those boot dryers had had our fleece lined house shoes on them and they really felt good before stepping inside the trailer.

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