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It is that special time of day on most camping trips, not long after happy hour, when the evening breeze carries the magical aroma of campfire smoke. That time of the day when folks gather with their lawn chairs to review the days fun and plan the adventures of the coming day. I am convinced that there are no average or generic campfires, and, that many of the worlds ailments can be clearly defined and resolved while looking across the campfire through a light blue haze of smoke. Yet, some campfires will stick in our minds more readily than others. Today I was pleasantly reminded of one such campfire. Jugfest 2009 was in full swing and a whole gaggle of molded fiberglass travel trailer Nomads were camped out on Lake Greeson in South West Arkansas. I had just retired from many years of public service, though Betty was still on the job at that time. Here is the video that I found while looking for something else. It caught me by surprise and brought a broad smile to my face ! This, for Betty and I, was one of those memorable campfires.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video but the audio was the main thing, for after all, we were sitting around a campfire. Turn your volume up and imagine the expressions on our faces as we heard it for the first time. Our clever entertainer friend even worked the name of our boat,"Harm's Weigh",  into the verses ! I wish that I had caught the jaw drop expression on Betty's face when the author/singer referred to how she got her nick name, "butcherknife".

Should you or a family member be allergic to the smoke of a campfire then consider a propane campfire to set the stage for a good night's rest while camping.

Either way, here's hoping we see you around the campfire where problems are solved and memories are made !

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