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Tire Flat Spots


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When storing our Oliver's for the Winter months, one concern is for the well being of our tires. You may have noticed that after sitting for an extended time that your trailer's tires "bump" when you first start moving. That bump seems to fade away as the tires warm up, yet we seem to think that may not be good for the tires.

Some owners use their electric jacks to elevate the tires up off of the ground for routine maintenance but are reluctant to have the jacks support the entire weight of the trailer for the duration of Winter storage. Their thinking is that it might be good for the tires, but, not so good for the trailer's electric jacks.

And, here is what some are doing to keep the tires off of the ground and also take the entire trailer's weight off of the electric jacks.

Jack stands similar to those above are available at many locations and fill the bill for our use quite well. Just use your Oliver's electric jacks to raise the tires up off of the ground, then slide a jack stand under the axle to keep the tire up off of the ground.

Some owners like the idea of putting a slight amount of down pressure on their electric jacks to stabilize the trailer as they are in and out checking on things during the course of the Winter storage.

I am told that the axle manufacturer advises that the jack stand is not put directly under the axle tube, but instead placed under the flat part of the spring.

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