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Cooking with Grandma's Cast Iron: Part 7


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I lost my cast irons seasoning trying something new, what now? It is a quick fix that you can do readily after cleaning your cast iron cookware. It is just a simple matter of preheating the cookware, adding cooking oil and rubbing it down with a paper towel.

The easiest thing to do before putting up your cast iron up is to deep fry something in it then wipe it down with a clean dry paper towel.

Here is a look at the finished cookware ready to use.

Your cookware will look like that in the video and be nearly ready for your next use.

During our extended fishing trips Betty has a couple of tricks that make things easier and reduce the cost of multiple fish fries. Your cooking oil will have cornmeal and French fry bits in it and look a bit tired. One of the last things that we cook in the oil after the fish, while the oil is still at a good cooking temperature is sweet potato fries , French fries and onion rings, all together. You will be amazed at how the oil clears up ! Then it is time to strain the oil and store it until the next use. To strain the oil, Betty uses a cotton jelly strainer because it can withstand fairly hot oil, yet, strains well. Here is a look at it as it comes new in the box, we got ours at a farm and home supply store.

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