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Sometimes we can get a surprise from the Oliver’s ability to do cool stuff on it’s own ! Well, maybe at first it is a bit disconcerting, enough that we think, what, why did it do that ! It’s like it has a mind of it’s own ! During our winter tour with the Legacy Elite II, earlier this year, we got one such a pleasant surprise. At first I thought that I had messed something up, and I called the plant looking for answers to what I had done.

Here is how it happened, see if it makes you scratch your head also. We arrived late in the day to meet at a campground with someone that wanted to tour the Legacy II. I plugged into shore power first thing to be able to turn on some heat. It wasn’t freezing, but it was cold and a stiff wind was blowing. Since we had shore power, I switched the thermostat over to the elect position and set the thermostat for a comfortable 68*.

Here is a quick look at the Oliver’s digital electronic thermostat that controls both heat and air.


Much to my surprise, the furnace down in the floor came on ! Now, mind you, I had asked for electric heat, and yet, the propane furnace had came on ! I quickly checked the setting on the thermostat and sure enough, it was set for electricity, which, to me, meant that the heat strip up in the ceiling air unit would come on. But it didn’t, instead the furnace came on. He, he, yep, I was sure that I had messed something up and I put in a call to the factory in Hohenwald Tn.

Well, to make a long story short, it was way smarter than I was. Since I was calling for such a large temperature increase, the circuit board fell back to it’s default setting and called the propane furnace on line to bring the temp up more rapidly than the air unit’s electric heat strip could.

So here is what happened. The propane furnace brought the temperature up to the thermostat’s set point, then cut off. After that the electric heat strip in the roof air maintained the setting!

Cool! How’s that for a thermostat with a brain?

Warm up and cool down times in the Oliver’s well insulated interior are pretty brief compared to other travel trailers that we have been in. In the winter, for example, in most of the aluminum skinned trailers, a furnace will take quite a long time to satisfy the thermostat. Long enough that we would find ourselves sitting with our hands and feet towards the furnace trying to warm them up.

And in the Summer we would find ourselves sitting outside in the shade somewhere, waiting for the aluminum skinned trailer to be cooled off.

The Oliver’s great insulation means that when you set the thermostat to the comfort level that you desire, you immediately begin to notice a change and within just a few short minutes you are at the perfect temperature that you have chosen!

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