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Pesky Squirrels


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They are everywhere ! Those pesky Squirrels are everywhere.  No sooner did the sun come up when thump thump, a Squirrel comes out of a tree onto Poco’s home while we are touring with Oliver’s Legacy II.

Betty, Poco and I were in our usual early morning Coffee Drinking spot, under the awning, in the lawn chairs.

Poco was dozing in a patch of sunshine while in his lawn chair and on his favorite blanket, when he heard the atrocity.

Instantly he is on alert.

Then suddenly, bounding out of his chair in pursuit of the intruder. Tail high in the air, the Squirrel fled for the safety of the nearest tree. Satisfied that he had taken care of the situation, Poco strutted back to his place in the sun and curled back up in his blanket.

Ah, yes, life out on the road in America’s Heartland. Ain’t it cool!

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