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At our last check of the Weather, before turning in last night, we noted that a front would bring rain in the night.  So, when rain on the roof of the Pony Express, woke us up briefly in the night it wasn’t a surprise. When I stepped out of the Pony after breakfast, cup of coffee in hand. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the light drizzle that was falling, was not the cold Winter mix that I had feared. Instead it was a mild Springtime shower that was quite nice. Here is where we were parked this morning early.

Soon we caught up with the Storm as it traveled to the East. We are headed to Florida on the first leg of the 2014 Oliver Legacy II tour. Traveling along in the rain we began to talk about the dry conditions in Quartzsite, that we had been in a few short weeks ago. Here is a blog post about the dust there in “Q”, that somehow I just never did get around to posting.


The wind blew like crazy yesterday. Coming out of the South West the wind gusted to up around thirty five miles per hour. Here in the Desert South West, where ground covering vegetation can be pretty sparse, high wind means billowing dust. That wind and dust was a sign of a front that would soon arrive here at our Quartzsite campsite. Daytime temperatures will be dropping down into the upper sixties during the day. Now, that ain’t all that bad of a day!

However, this morning everyone is wearing heavy coats and hoodies, and giving Betty and I strange looks as we are in our tee shirts and shorts. With another Artic blast about to hit family and friends back in America’s Heartland, we feel so lucky to be currently workamping here in the desert Southwest.

MEANWHILE, back in the real world.   .   .   .   .

So, here we are headed to Florida in a driving rain storm, yet we are looking forward to our first showings there.

The Oliver “Road Crew”, Florida Bound.

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