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LED Replacement Lights

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We're using warm lights for the 'living areas' (over the bed and side dinette) and cool lights for over the kitchen and in the bath.


The cool lights are a bit harsh to my eyes, but much brighter.. a light I prefer for 'doing things'. But for more ambient lighting and work light (we do computer work), I prefer the friendlier-to-my-eyes 'warm' lights.


I think you'll find the preferences will vary quite a bit tho. It's all about what YOU like.. bluer or yellower light?


- Cherie

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I think it all boils down to personal preference. I personally prefer the cool white and used them throughout.


Do you prefer incandescent (warm white) or cool white fluorescent in your home? They are roughly equivalent.

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As other have said it's personal preference. I like a lot of light and prefer the cool white. I accidently ordered two warm whites and religated them to the closet and the fixture near the door since these get the least use. My opion is the the cool white illuminate the trailer much better.

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