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Chainsaw tables around the campfire

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Tables today, firewood tomortow. Blog update with photos. Click the link in the signature line please:

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Nice tables, Mountainborn! Beautiful grain, and certainly sturdy.


We've done the same with some cutoffs from a nice hardwood log up in NC. They make nice seating for campfire tall tales and marshmallow roasting....


Your ancestors and mine did it one better, though. The old Norwegians took a longer log section, and carved out a back, creating a kubestolen (or cube chair.) The old ones, decorated with rosemaling of the region, are highly prized.


We found a similar idea in Australia, in the tree fringe next to the beach:


Someone, long ago, had hacked out a seat from a stump, perfectly situated to enjoy the sunset over the water. A beach kubestolen, downunder. Sweet, I thought.



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