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When cooking at high elevation, it doesn't take one long to figure out that things loose their temperature very quickly.

So, Butcherknife Betty's delima was, how to keep the golden brown biscuits hot until everyone could get to the table.

Here is how she went about it this Father's Day.

a. Set the baking pan full of cathead biscuits, fresh out of the oven, into a pre heated cast iron skillet and then cover. The cast iron skillet will give off it's heat slowly keeping the biscuits warm over an extended period of time.


However, if you don't like your biscuits with a golden brown and slightly crunchy bottom, you will need a spacer between the baking pan's bottom and the skillet. We have used a horseshoe as a spacer in the past.

Setting that hot skillet on the tablecloth can cause a problem if it isn't isolated from the cloth with a spacer such as below.



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Now, aren't you the lucky "dawg".... :D


You know, Paul's always asking me why I don't make biscuits like Betty. I tell him no one can make biscuits like Betty! (so far, it has worked.... probably because it's the truth. Those are beautiful biscuits.)



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