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trailer dolly - sort of towing


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I decided that I need a different way to move my Elite I through my 8' wide side yard gate that is accessed by a curved, slightly inclined driveway. Looking at 2 powered trailer dollies:

Safer Products 7,500 lb capacity


Or the Park It 360 powered dolly


Does anyone have experience with either? Is there another suggestion? 

The cost would be about 6 months storage fees at one of the several local storage yards, when there is a space open. They are all full right now. My insurance cost also increases when stored remotely. And I would lack the convenience of being able to work on it when I wanted to, with limited access hours. So, I think I justified in my simple mind the reasons why I want a dolly. I can get it in with my truck, but it is not easy, and I am having difficulty getting it where I want it due to the angles, gas meter, width, etc.


2014 Toyota Tacoma 4x4

2021 Elite I #758       

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We have a Parkit 360, and we've used it for a number of years. I hold my breath every time. It's an older model, no brake connection. We bought it used. Their model nomenclature was different then. It's an L or XL.

We typically use it to get it out of the sideyard and gates,  just far enough that the drive hasn't begun the steep incline. Then we chock the trailer, jack it up, and back up my Silverado to finish the drive, and back it up to the garage. We're only allowed a few days in the drive, in our community. (We just did this again, a week ago.)

The older parkit is clumsy and wobbly, and difficult to attach to the bulldog, and maneuver safely. I'm considering buying the new attachment available , which would move the connection point back a bit.

You might be interested in this fairly recent thread:




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2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

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