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Early this season at Trujillo Meadows, while watching a lightning storm thrash Jarosa peak to our North, we became concerned about EMP, ( electro magnetic pulse ), from a nearby lightning strike. Our Ollie is loaded with electronics and we knew that spending the rest of our work camper season without those electronics would certainly deminish our camping experience.

A grounding system seemed to be in order. I wanted a ground system that not only grounded the generator at it's ground terminal, but a ground to the frame of our Ollie as well. It needed to be simple and the system didn't need to add to our towing weight. Here is how I did it:


The ground rod is a full eight feet into the ground and will stay at the campsite. The jumper cables are part of our normally carried emergency equipment. Each cable half makes a seperate connection to ground. The frame connection is visible under the generator where it connects to the tounge of the trailer.

So, what do you think ? A waste of time ?

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A waste of Time? I don't think so. Other than pounding that copper rod 8 feet into the ground, I doubt if you spent too much time on this project. If you never need it, it's not much effort spent and if you do...Well, there you go. It's probably not something we need to do if we're not going to be stationary for an extended period of time but in your case, I'd say it was time well spent.



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